Weather Mechanic

This idea is about modelling weather for a game.

It could be anything that is periodic, but random.

There are, say, 24 different groups and each group has 10 cards in it. These groups are kept separately, but shuffled individually.

Then each card in that group has weather conditions or something on it. So, this one might be 10°C and sunny, and the one under it might be 5°C and cloudy. In each part of the year you don't know what the next card will be, but you can know roughly what it will be.

If you're in the springtime you don't know whether it'll be rainy or whatever, but you do know it won't be 35°C and bone dry. That can happen in the Summer, but you know it can't happen in the winter.

This allows a random, but reliable, season mechanic.

Each group is just crafted so that any one of the cards in that group is plausible for that time of year.

At the end of each year you could either play with the second card from each group if you're fine with each group being different from last year, or you can reshuffle each group at the beginning of the year to allow each year to be completely independent.