Pilgrim Game

This is a cooperative game that uses the Weather Mechanic to model the year.

Roughly, you're a group of pilgrims in an isolated area, looking to survive together. This involves hunting for food, growing crops, raising animals, making clothing, etc.

Each player has a hand of cards that allows the village to do something. One might be "blacksmith crafts better axe, +2 to lumber" or something.

Roughly, you as a group need to balance doing things to survive today, while also perparing for the future. In the summer you want to produce food, but also preserve some for the winter.

You need to put some work into your shelter, and your clothes, and your farms, etc.

I'm thinking as players play cards, they get "better" at them. So, there's an advantage to getting your blacksmith cards to player 2, because he's played 2 already, so he could get more value out of this card. There should, therefore, be a restriction on trading cards on your turn, to make it more tricky.

Possible mechanic is a "trading-post" card or two, that you never spend, but always goes with a trade. So, if you wanted to give a card to another player, you must first have the trading-post card. Then, you give the trading-post card along with the card you want to trade to another player. Then, you no longer have a trading-post card. They do. You can never give the trading post card on its own. Only with a card.

So, the balance is between having specialized people, but having to do more trading, or having generalists who don't get as much value out of each card.