Still Frame

The gist of this one is simple, but making it live action would be technically hard.

The idea is that we have a still frame of some sort of action shot, and the camera moves around in this still world exploring the different elements and stuff. The idea is that we build up an idea of what's going on in the scene.

Then, the scene resumes and we see that we were misled by the snapshot.

Concrete Example

The scene is the living room of a house, and we're looking at a guy making some sort of face at his wife, who's falling over backwards. There's a child near the couch up and yelling and looking panicked.

The idea is that it looks like the husband hit the woman in front of the child.

When the scene resumes, though, it's clear that she tripped on her own, he was trying to grab her to stop her from falling, and the kid is concerned because she's falling. She hits the ground, and mostly laughs and then everyone laughs and helps her up.


Two guys in an apartment seem to be fighting. The one has the other by the throat up against the wall, and there's a broken glass on the floor, and it's dark.

Spoiler: They're gay and making out. The one of them is only somewhat concerned about the glass, but is easy convinced otherwise.