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  1. Paralysis

    The gist here is a film with a single unbroken shot of just someone's face who has just become paralyzed. A narrator goes over his final thoughts, while his face and eyes react somewhat.

    I don't know how long it can go on. I'm thinking of bluring reality, and saying that everything neck down shut down, but the heart keeps beating for a while, and the lungs keep breathing. Actually, from my reading of Wikipedia, it seems like an injury at C4 would cause paralysis at the biceps, but breathing will not be impared. Then, without treatment inflamation can cause pressure to cut off the further up portions which would cause death after some time. I think it could work.

    So, it starts off with him being upset that he's finally done it, since he had been doing something stupid a second before and had thought "I hope I don't break my neck"

    Then it goes into calm, then sadness that this is it, then wonder at how long it'll take for someone to find me, then concern about being eaten by ants, then sadness about the sadness his family and friends will feel, then maybe some random thoughts, trying to focus himself into regaining control, then nothing, then getting light-headded, then realizing he's stopped breathing, then blacking out. Then dead.

  2. Spy Story

    I want to make a short film that's a kind of spy-thriller style. There's some sort of criminal mastermind who steals a nuclear warhead, and the codes for it, and one spy who's sent to stop him before he can use them to blow up the world.

    So, it goes on in typical style, with fighting and chasing, and whatever. There's banter between the hero and his villain.

    Then, in the climax of the story the hero is chasing the villain through the streets of some major city. At some point, after the chase has been going on for a bit, I want the villain to run out across the street, and the hero to follow, only to get hit by a normal city bus. Like, the hero ran out from between two cars, the bus driver didn't see him, and hit him head-on.

    The hero falls back, and is in some kind of unclear condition. He may be dead, he may just be unconcious, but he's clearly wounded.

    The villain looks back, still all wild-eyed from the chase, when he hears the accident. Close up on his face as he takes in the scene, and his expression drops from crazy excitement to confusion, and concern kind of. This was his nemesis, but it was fun before, and now he's kind of concerned for this person.

    We see the villain unsure, now, what to do. He looks down at the case he's carrying, and up to the hero, and makes a start in the hero's direction, but then rethinks it. He seems torn between going to help the guy, and continuing with his plans.

    Eventually, sadly, he turns and goes in the direction he was running.

    The credits start as the camera floats above the hero's body looking down as people run over to help, and see what happened. People are standing in a circle around him telling each other what they saw.

    They, the medics arrive and are just about to check him out when there's a bright-white flash and everyone looks in the direction the villain ran. Then it fades out.

  3. Relationship Series

    3 or 4 stories involving couples at different stages of their lives. Interspersed.

    As it continues, you see that this guy is cheating on this girl, but in this couple he cheated on her for a while, but then got back together and are fine now, etc.

    Then, finally, it starts getting really obvious that they share similarities, it's demonstrated how one couple literally becomes the next.

    So, like, this couple might go through some crisis where they switch back and forth between the two sets of actors for the two couples before finally settling on the second one.

    The next, like, get back together after being seperated some after cheating. After talking through that, they're the next couple.

    The next couple is looking at a house, and when they decide to get it, they can be seen in mirrors and stuff as the next couple. When they finally move in they have a moment where one of them is the last, and one of them is the next. The next one says "Oh my god, we're home owners now" or something, and the other one hugs them, having now begun the next phase.

    If I do children this would be the next phase.


  4. Still Frame

    The gist of this one is simple, but making it live action would be technically hard.

    The idea is that we have a still frame of some sort of action shot, and the camera moves around in this still world exploring the different elements and stuff. The idea is that we build up an idea of what's going on in the scene.

    Then, the scene resumes and we see that we were misled by the snapshot.

    Concrete Example

    The scene is the living room of a house, and we're looking at a guy making some sort of face at his wife, who's falling over backwards. There's a child near the couch up and yelling and looking panicked.

    The idea is that it looks like the husband hit the woman in front of the child.

    When the scene resumes, though, it's clear that she tripped on her own, he was trying to grab her to stop her from falling, and the kid is concerned because she's falling. She hits the ground, and mostly laughs and then everyone laughs and helps her up.


    Two guys in an apartment seem to be fighting. The one has the other by the throat up against the wall, and there's a broken glass on the floor, and it's dark.

    Spoiler: They're gay and making out. The one of them is only somewhat concerned about the glass, but is easy convinced otherwise.

  5. Headspace

    Continuation of my previous idea I called "Concept Shift" or something, but slightly more artsy.

    I see it as an episodic thing, but it could also be a movie.

    The concept is that there's a main character with no name. He wanders through things and we don't see him talk to anyone or do anything. All shots are him at home, or walking down the street, or riding the bus, etc.

    The shots aren't empty, there are other people around, but he has very little interaction with them.

    Then, though, sometimes (frequently) he'll look off camera and the camera will pan in that direction into another scene.

    These scenes occur fully in his imagination, and can range from simple "Approaches the girl and has a conversation with them" to "there's a car accident nearby and the resulting situation" all the way up to "the world is post-apocalyptic and is roamed by zombies" or "he's on a spaceship encountering some situation".

    Obviously it'd be good to keep farther fetched ones less frequent, both because they'd be more expensive, and less relatable. Fun, though, likely.

    So, after some point in the fantasy it pans back in the direction it panned in on and he's still looking in that direction and then looks away. Some amount of time has passed, and it doesn't really matter how much. It varies, I mean.

    Sometimes it might pan back and we've only been gone a second, maybe other times it would have been a whole half-hour.

    Preferably, if it's not a ridiculous scene, it should be made in such a way as to have viewers not notice it's happened until it has.

    So, yeah, the character doesn't avoid speech, or anything, we just never see him talk to anyone or have any kind of contact except in fantasy.

    Maybe, again, he can keep going over some of the same ones over and over again. The same scene with slightly different dialog or outcomes can come up a few time. Maybe sometimes he can be erratic, and he'd do the same scene, like, three times in a row but building off it.

    Other times, I feel, if it were episodic, he could have a recurring theme. Maybe there's a girl he sees on the bus a lot, and there's a building fantasy involving her approaching him or something. It comes up with quite a bit of frequency, but it's always slightly different, or goes differently. One can perhaps get quite a bit of a feeling for his mood based on how the scene goes. Sometimes she might be really receptive, and other times she pulls a knife out and guts him with it.

    Then, perhaps, at the end she actually does approach him (when it's clear we're in the real world), he smiles, inhales, and then it cuts.

    Slightly Different Take

    This one is similar, but much easier to make. Even more artsish.

    I feel it's different enough, though, that both could be made and they'd only be considered similar.

    So, person hanging around home not doing anything. I'm thinking, in this one, we never see him outside the home.

    Every once in a while, though, he stares off into nothing, and a narrator comes on with a narrated story of it. We just see him sitting there, maybe emoting or occasionally enacting somewhat.

    From time to time it'll probably stutter or something, or go back over the same line 4 ways. Maybe sometimes he'll say something, and then be like "Woah, ok, no. That's not what I meant." And then he'll try to justify himself to himself.


    Concepts I'd like to include in this one

    • Looking to the mirror, trying to figure out if he's good looking, or just really familiar with his own face.
      • Also remarks about how it works better from certain angles, but defends back that that's true of everyone. Well, not everyone. Etc.
    • One of the common things that come up is fake conversations about how long it's been since he masterbated
      • At one point he'll be thinking of such a conversation, and it ends up in some ridiculous fantasy involving some girl doing something based on that. Either sexing with him, or masterbating herself, or something. (All narrated, obviously)
      • Then, he'll just get up and walk to the bathroom, time passes in time-lapse, then he walks out and the narrator starts the now familiar conversation start, but with "Well, I masterbated this morning, but before that was Wednesday" or whatever it'd been up until then.
    • Trying to meditate, having three levels of conversation going on.
      • The one in the foreground is saying, like "Breathe In, Breathe Out", then another one thinks about how well this is going, before realizing it's an issue and shutting up, to reveal another one singing a song about breathing or something
    • I would like some kind of full on masterbation scene, seperate from the previous one.
      • In this one the narrator kinda takes over and just tells an erotic story.
      • The only difference, though, is just that it keeps skipping around, changing direction, and resyncing with the main character's own progress.
        • That last one specifically involves getting to the fantasy's characters climaxing long before the real protagonist is done, then having the narrator go "Crap, ok." and switch to go back over an earlier part of the story
      • I'll feel it out at the time whether or not it'll be full-frontal nudity and sexual activity in the actual video, some sort of "waist up" strong implication, or the narrator narrating an empty frame looking at the door to the bathroom.
      • I think it'll come up with him on reddit browsing stuff. Then he clicks a link and an image of a sexual nature comes up and he and the Narrator both just go "Crap" and then he gets up and goes to the bathroom.
    • Character screwing with his appearance in some way, then concluding he doesn't care. Then he comes into frame saying he clearly does, trying something else, then getting fed up and leaving again.
    • Character is browsing reddit on his laptop, but we don't see the screen. He's just sitting behind the laptop, and not moving a lot. Occasionally he'll laugh very slightly, or complain about internet speed.
    • We watch character take a while to get his coat and shoes on and stuff, then he leaves. We watch nothing for a period of time, then he comes back in frustrated. He forgot something. So, he considers taking everything back off, but it took so long to get on he eventually crawls away from the door off screen, we hear sounds from there, then he crawls back into frame with the stuff and back out the door.
    • Character gets ready for bed and eventually turns off the light. We just see darkness, then he just starts laughing.
    • Discussion with False Female about Female Sexuality
    • Character is talking aloud to himself in some sort of voice, realizes it's similar to some other voice, and starts trying to dial in on that. Doesn't.
      • Then, third voice, even worse.
      • (In my head, it's Optimus Prime for the first one, then classic Megatron for the second)
    • Trying to do laundry, or get somewhere on time ordeal
    • Maybe at some point involving swimming on the floor.
    • I think towards the end the character meta-discusses making a film based on his life. Then, at the end he's setting up a camera first-person into what's obviously the first scene of this film. Then he says "Let's begin" and moves into position for the first scene. Then it ends.