Continuation of my previous idea I called "Concept Shift" or something, but slightly more artsy.

I see it as an episodic thing, but it could also be a movie.

The concept is that there's a main character with no name. He wanders through things and we don't see him talk to anyone or do anything. All shots are him at home, or walking down the street, or riding the bus, etc.

The shots aren't empty, there are other people around, but he has very little interaction with them.

Then, though, sometimes (frequently) he'll look off camera and the camera will pan in that direction into another scene.

These scenes occur fully in his imagination, and can range from simple "Approaches the girl and has a conversation with them" to "there's a car accident nearby and the resulting situation" all the way up to "the world is post-apocalyptic and is roamed by zombies" or "he's on a spaceship encountering some situation".

Obviously it'd be good to keep farther fetched ones less frequent, both because they'd be more expensive, and less relatable. Fun, though, likely.

So, after some point in the fantasy it pans back in the direction it panned in on and he's still looking in that direction and then looks away. Some amount of time has passed, and it doesn't really matter how much. It varies, I mean.

Sometimes it might pan back and we've only been gone a second, maybe other times it would have been a whole half-hour.

Preferably, if it's not a ridiculous scene, it should be made in such a way as to have viewers not notice it's happened until it has.

So, yeah, the character doesn't avoid speech, or anything, we just never see him talk to anyone or have any kind of contact except in fantasy.

Maybe, again, he can keep going over some of the same ones over and over again. The same scene with slightly different dialog or outcomes can come up a few time. Maybe sometimes he can be erratic, and he'd do the same scene, like, three times in a row but building off it.

Other times, I feel, if it were episodic, he could have a recurring theme. Maybe there's a girl he sees on the bus a lot, and there's a building fantasy involving her approaching him or something. It comes up with quite a bit of frequency, but it's always slightly different, or goes differently. One can perhaps get quite a bit of a feeling for his mood based on how the scene goes. Sometimes she might be really receptive, and other times she pulls a knife out and guts him with it.

Then, perhaps, at the end she actually does approach him (when it's clear we're in the real world), he smiles, inhales, and then it cuts.

Slightly Different Take

This one is similar, but much easier to make. Even more artsish.

I feel it's different enough, though, that both could be made and they'd only be considered similar.

So, person hanging around home not doing anything. I'm thinking, in this one, we never see him outside the home.

Every once in a while, though, he stares off into nothing, and a narrator comes on with a narrated story of it. We just see him sitting there, maybe emoting or occasionally enacting somewhat.

From time to time it'll probably stutter or something, or go back over the same line 4 ways. Maybe sometimes he'll say something, and then be like "Woah, ok, no. That's not what I meant." And then he'll try to justify himself to himself.


Concepts I'd like to include in this one

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