Spy Story

I want to make a short film that's a kind of spy-thriller style. There's some sort of criminal mastermind who steals a nuclear warhead, and the codes for it, and one spy who's sent to stop him before he can use them to blow up the world.

So, it goes on in typical style, with fighting and chasing, and whatever. There's banter between the hero and his villain.

Then, in the climax of the story the hero is chasing the villain through the streets of some major city. At some point, after the chase has been going on for a bit, I want the villain to run out across the street, and the hero to follow, only to get hit by a normal city bus. Like, the hero ran out from between two cars, the bus driver didn't see him, and hit him head-on.

The hero falls back, and is in some kind of unclear condition. He may be dead, he may just be unconcious, but he's clearly wounded.

The villain looks back, still all wild-eyed from the chase, when he hears the accident. Close up on his face as he takes in the scene, and his expression drops from crazy excitement to confusion, and concern kind of. This was his nemesis, but it was fun before, and now he's kind of concerned for this person.

We see the villain unsure, now, what to do. He looks down at the case he's carrying, and up to the hero, and makes a start in the hero's direction, but then rethinks it. He seems torn between going to help the guy, and continuing with his plans.

Eventually, sadly, he turns and goes in the direction he was running.

The credits start as the camera floats above the hero's body looking down as people run over to help, and see what happened. People are standing in a circle around him telling each other what they saw.

They, the medics arrive and are just about to check him out when there's a bright-white flash and everyone looks in the direction the villain ran. Then it fades out.