The gist here is a film with a single unbroken shot of just someone's face who has just become paralyzed. A narrator goes over his final thoughts, while his face and eyes react somewhat.

I don't know how long it can go on. I'm thinking of bluring reality, and saying that everything neck down shut down, but the heart keeps beating for a while, and the lungs keep breathing. Actually, from my reading of Wikipedia, it seems like an injury at C4 would cause paralysis at the biceps, but breathing will not be impared. Then, without treatment inflamation can cause pressure to cut off the further up portions which would cause death after some time. I think it could work.

So, it starts off with him being upset that he's finally done it, since he had been doing something stupid a second before and had thought "I hope I don't break my neck"

Then it goes into calm, then sadness that this is it, then wonder at how long it'll take for someone to find me, then concern about being eaten by ants, then sadness about the sadness his family and friends will feel, then maybe some random thoughts, trying to focus himself into regaining control, then nothing, then getting light-headded, then realizing he's stopped breathing, then blacking out. Then dead.

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