Expanding Area Game

In this one there's a grid that's all forest or something, and each player has a hand of tiles and a starting location.

Then on their turn they play a tile so that it's adjacent to other tiles. This represents that tribe exploring the forest and finding something.

Some may be good, and some may be useless.

So, the gist is that if you had a gold mine, you should play it near your guy, and if you had a mud-pit then you should play it in someone else's camp.

Then, once the tribes areas meet, there is some mechanic of capturing territory from someone else, or something.

Other Approach

In this one there are a few different tribes, but they're not owned by any player. Gold may be selected on one person's turn, but that means they also didn't get points for expanding. If they'd chosen to expand, that would have left to gold for the next player.