Cumulative Set Game

In this game every player has a hand of cards of a few different colours and values. Then each player discusses their next play, and then plays two cards from their hand together in secret.

After that, the total for each colour is added up and the points are evenly distributed amongst the people who contributed to that colour.

So, it's not trick taking. If you play a 1 of red, and someone else plays a 5 and 8 of red, and that's all of the red, then you each get 7 points. That's not great for the guy playing the 5 and 8, but awesome for the person playing a 1, since if they'd played that on their own they only would have gotten 1 point.

If, though, two people played an 8 of red, then they both get 8 points.

So, the gist is that you make alliances and agree on what you will play to get the most value out of your cards, but then you play them and see who stabbed you in the back.

I'm thinking there's also one or two cards that are "take-alls" where that player gets all of the points for the colour their other card that turn is.

Maybe one cards that's a shield that protects from take-alls.

I'm thinking each player has their own identical draw-deck, so every player got an even chance at every card. Then it's play-2-draw-2.