This site is intended to collect a bunch of ideas I have for things. Some of these will be relatively fleshed out, they just need to be built. Others will be short, or very vague. Some may even seem silly. The purpose of this website is to get all this stuff out of my head, so I can see it all, refer to it, reference it, and build on it out in the open. Also, if someone wants to read through one of these and think it a good idea, cool.

If someone actually builds something based on something they have seen here, a link to the idea here, citing that the original idea came from me would be all I ask. Also, send me an email to let me know you built it, because I would be very interested to see it. Thanks.

If you're looking for my actual website, it's here

The ideas contained on this site are sorted into tags. If you choose a tag from the list, it will list you all articles with that tag and you can read them from there. They are sorted such that the newest idea is at the top.

The "idea" tag is intended to collect all articles, so clicking that link should take you to a full listing.