Online Matchmaker

This site is intended to replace online dating. The idea is that there is no profile, no pictures, nothing. Basically you go in and punch in your name, select the "I am a BLANK looking for a BLANK", the year of your birth, and a range of birthyears you are interested in, and a rough location you're interested in. Then it goes into the system and say "Ok, try this person".

That's it.

You arrange a time and place, and show up and talk. All of the "figuring out your compatibility" stuff seems like garbage and work to me.

Really, it's not a dating site at all, it's more a site that picks a random people that fit your criteria for you to hang out with.


I'd want to have three streams, to try and keep the different uses for this service separate.

Friends, Romantic Partners, Casual Sex.

So, the gist is that by providing the "casual sex" channel, hopefully that would make it so that one person don't show up looking for love, and the other person show up looking for sex. We say "Look, if you want sex, that's fine, so do these people. We'll match you with them."

Then, the friend one, since we're just a system for saying "Hang out with this person" is basically for just finding people to spend time with. The use case here is more along the lines of "I want someone new to talk to, find me someone".

Also, I'd like to break the culture of dating, and claim it's more like a mutual audition. Specifically, I feel like Females shouldn't have their food or drinks paid for. This isn't a soup kitchen, and they signed up for the site too. They shouldn't be bribed to be with you, they are with you because they were looking for you. That's just me, though.

Sexual Identity

So, this is a mess.

If I had "I am a (Man, Woman) looking for (a Man, a Woman, Anyone)", I think that would cover most people. The people it didn't cover, though, would be pissed that they don't fit into my little boxes.

The problem, though, is that there's an explosion of different categories, all with slightly different, sometimes overlapping, concepts.

If someone says thay're looking for pre-op transexuals, would they be interesting in someone transgender? I don't know, and I don't want to make that call.

I'm kind of thinking I just leave it as the first thing, for now, and wait and see if it becomes a big enough of an issue to matter.

As another stop gap, I could even do: "I am a (Man, Woman) (with a Penis, without a Penis), looking for (a Man, a Woman, Anyone) (with a Penis, without a Penis, either with or without a Penis)"

I feel like that would cover, like, basically everyone.

Then we start getting into kinks... Like, what if someone wanted to find someone to tie up and drip wax on? That's a totally sensible thing to want, and a good use of this system, but do I add that? I think I'll just leave it for now...

Colour Scheme

I'm thinking light green.

Red is either too romantic, or too prostitutey.

But I think it should be light and open and fresh.