Teleportation Game

Use a system to allow a relatively few number of keystrokes to do two angles and a distance This, then, allows your person to teleport to that position.

Because of the way precision works for angles, this means that you are less precise the further you're going.

There will likely be a button that while you're holding it down allows you to enter a destination and then when you release it goes there. At the beginning, I'm thinking this button will also freeze time and give you a nice readout so you can get a feel. In medium mode time will slow, but not stop. In hard mode time keeps going.

The idea is that as you practise, you can actually get good enough, and get enough of an intrinsic sense for it, that you can just take under a second to dump where you want to go, without thinking too hard about it.

Which'd be cool.

Actual Game Bits

I don't know what I want the game to really be. I just want the mechanic.

So, one easy use is just a multiplayer tag game. You give people a cool environment, and they play a game of tag between people who can run, jump, and teleport.

A combat game would be cool, but more work.

A whole FPS style game with story and stuff would potentially also be very cool, but even more work.

I think tag, for a tech demo, would be fine.