Sabotage Game

Kinda like Resistence, but more goal oriented. Essentially, everyone picks up cards that let them do damage, or something, and every turn they must play a card, give a card to another player, and discard a card.

The magic is that some players are trying to win, and help others win, and others are trying to cause people to lose.

So, a player on the winning side would attempt to discard low cards, and either use high cards for themselves, or send high cards to their teammates to help them fight things that are coming up.

A player on the losing side, though, would attempt to discard high cards, and play low cards, or fill his teammates' hands with useless cards. They have to be careful, though, because if they are obviously only ever playing low cards, people might get suspicious.

So, they have to be, roughly, apologetic when they give someone a bad card, without being obvious.

So, I think that players will have trials they go through, which is what the cards are for. So, perhaps, someone has a strength trial coming up, people can give him strength cards, but someone sabotages the deck with a weak strength card, so he doesn't make it back from the trap.

Ok, new plan. Each player has a pile of cards, that are hidden to him. Every player gives in one or so cards, and then the pile is consulted and the lowest card is used, or something, so people don't know who did what, but they can see that it didn't go well. Work in progress.

I'm also thinking that perhaps, instead of a trial, a player can choose to duel another player. (Which is a sort of trial)

The player who loses leaves the game and must remain silent.

The gist, then, is that the winning team must suss out and destroy the enemy, while the enemy must trick the good guys into failing and being killed, or defeat them outright without becoming obvious. Roughly.

So, sorta Werewolf Resistence.