Actual Alien Story

While I wanted to tell the story of how we couldn't overcome our feelings of distrust for ugly aliens, I actually feel like real aliens would be far outside our realm of thinking.

I think it's very selfish of us to feel like our form is the perfect form, and our interests and motivations are the only ones, and that therefore any alien that comes to visit will be basically like us, just a little strange. Maybe it'll be more angry, or less angry, but it'll still be fine.

We take for granted that humans of different languages and background can mostly communicate with one anonther, because we have a base of intrinsic human communication. We emote, and those emotions are constant across all languages and cultures. We have some signs, like holding up one's hands, or some form of looking or pointing, that can be understood by basically everyone. Even birds, though, or cats, which we have around us here on this planet, do not share these commonalities. There is no base we can use to communicate with a bird.

So, in this story I want something to come and visit Earth. We have no idea what it is.

Eventually it's clear that it's doing something, and some people claim it's life, but science is like "No, we see no signs of life". Then something comes down to kind of roam around a bit, and it gets pretty clear that despite the fact that we have no idea what it is or how it works, it's clearly doing something. All attempts at communication fail, since it's just some sort of blob of stuff. Then it leaves the planet again and we're left all like "What the hell just happened"

The end.