In this one people have a small hand of cards that say things like "I support you" and "I stab you in the back" and stuff.

Then, the rest of the game is social. You give your promises to other players, but they don't know what you actually gave them.

So, you can do things like tell one player you're going to back them, and give them a card. Then you can tell another player that you actually stabbed that player in the back, and you're giving them your actual support.

I don't yet know how the game actually plays.

Maybe you can / must also reveal one of your cards every turn. So I can reveal my "back stab" card to convince people I haven't used it on them.

Maybe one card is a "+1" and whoever has the most +1s at the end gets 2 points, and whoever gave them a +1 gets 1.

That way you really want people to pool their resources with you, but failing that you want to back the right other player.

Then another card is -1, which subtracts.

Maybe every round players are required to give two of their cards to someone else, reveal one, and keep one. The cards are +1, -1, 0, and 0.

I'm thinking the round could go "give one, reveal one, give another, keep and tally"