Breadth Series

This one is kind of the opposite of Friendship Series, going for breadth instead of depth.

It's sort of like Groundhog Day, or certain episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

The idea is that we have a series of stories, all of which take place on the same day. Every story is taken from the perspective of a different character. Like an ever-branching tree, there are people that character A never encounters, but character B does, and thus they get their own story.

So, it's obviously most exciting if the there's some sort of localized cataclysm, and then the story recounts how each person reacts to the event.

When they just have a small part in another person's story, they may seem one way, but when we run through their whole day we come to understand them much better.

The idea is that, in a normal story, there are the main characters and then a bunch of side characters. In this story, though, I want every character to be a main character by the end.

Character Ideas