Gambling Gods

In this game you have a relatively simple mechanic for tribes that prevale over one another to capture territory or kill each other.

That's not the game, though.

The game is that the group of players all randomly creates the initial conditions for the game, with the different tribes all in different places with different resources and stuff.

Then the gods each place down 2 bets on various outcomes. One might bet that the blue tribe will have the most land, whereas another might bet that pink will.

One might bet that green will have more farmers than soldiers. Something like that. These bets are placed face-down and locked in.

Then you play the game, which should hopefully be relatively simple and fast ish. No one player controls a given tribe, everyone controls all of them on their turn.

At the end, you reveal your bets and the points are tallied up. Things which were picked by other players are worth less points per player, but you had more help trying to get them to succeed. Things which no one else chose are worth the most points, if you can make them come true without other people stopping you.

Might be better to base the points on numbers, rather than most, so the scaling works. If you want points for each territory blue has control over, and blue has 20, then you get 20 points. But, if 3 other people also wanted that you get 20/4 = 5 points.

The other player who was alone in being intereted in green's farms only needed 6 farms to beat all of you.