Anti Drafting

In this mechanic players draw resources which they are forced to give to other players.

It goes roughly as follows:

  1. Each player draws a card from the pool
  2. Each player, in turn, chooses another player to give their card to
  3. That player then must then choose someone else to give the card they had to, but that player can't have already recieved a card this turn (no loops)
  4. That goes around until, through some chain of some length, the original player gets a card

This could be, in an N player game, up to N trades, but it can't be more, because of the no-loops, and can be 1, if the player who recieved the first card chooses to give their card to the original player, making it a swap.

Play goes around until each player has had a turn starting the giving. At this point, every player keeps the card they have, and they begin again.

The gist, in general, is to try and give your card to the player it will disadvantage the most, so far as you know.